The Mobiustrip

The Mobiustrip

Friday, 20 March 2015

First picture with the school kids

Almost been a year, and finally my first picture WITH the kids. This was after I was dragged into the class for pre-Gudi Padwa celebrations and force-fed bhel that they made and a pretty expensive cookie that they just had to share with me.

This lot helped me realize how much I love to teach kids. Sohail - the one on whose head my hand is - was one of my favourites who knew Honey Singh's Blue Eyes by heart but went Moo for the goat in Old MacDonald's farm.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

"3 rupees for a ticket"

Aahad Qadri, Age 9.

Part of the first group of students who helped me realize that I am actually not as bad around kids as I thought I was.
Today while taking me to his slum he importantly informed me that the ferry would charge 3 rupees for the ticket.
"Ruko main deta hoon!" ("Wait! I will pay!")
And he whipped out 60% of his precious pocket money which he was saving for Chinese bhel.

At Bombay's Madh Island - the de-glam side of it.